Morning Session

6:00Am Get Up
6.00 To 6.30 AM Morning Activities
6.30 To 7.30 AM Yoga
7.30 To 9.30 AM Bath and Break fast

Afternoon Session

9.30 To 12.30 PM GD, Role Play, Counseling
12.30 To 1.30 PM Launch
1.30 To 3.00 PM Rest
3.00 To 7.00 PM Therapy session

Evening Session

7.00 To 8.00 PM Reading and Play
8.00 To 9.00 PM Dinner
9.00 To 10.00 PM T.V./Playing/Singing
10.00 PM Sleep

Why Choose Us

Kohum Healthcare center is well equipped with

    • Specious male/female wards.
    • Specious Kitchen and Dining Hall
    • Special Dementia Ward
    • Mini Gathering Hall
    • Well-equipped Gym. And Occupational Therapy Unit
    • Counseling Hall
    • Library with 500+ books, periodicals, newspapers, etc.
    • T.V. and Music systems and 100+ games
    • Availability of medical emergency equipments.
    • 24x7 security services.


Center has appointed Experienced Clinical Psychologist.

Day care Center:

Center is running Day Care centre for Cerebral Palsy, 

Medical services

Experienced Psychiatrist will take care 

Nursing Department

Disabled patient like cerebral palsy are taken 


Various exercises like Trade mill, cycling, Jogging, etc. is the

Physical Health

Physicians take care of physical health of the patients. .

Skill development

Various skills like painting, craft , candle art , singing , dance ,...

Special Educator

Center has appointed special educator for patients suffering from...

Speech Theophany

Given to patient who cant speak due to lack of adequate hearing


A day starts with yoga and pranayama.

Not sure what to do?

The advice Nurse will help you figure it out

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